Residential and Commercial
Computer Services

We offer a variety of computer services

such as … tune up & Clean up,

malware and Virus removal.

Home and office network Issues.

Peripheral issues (printers, scanners, and cameras).

Lock outs, forgotten windows passwords,

even blue screen errors.

We also offer general operations assistance.

We also offer remote assistance
where applicable.

We are a local family owned business,

and have been repairing computers

for over 25 years, at the behest of our many friends

for whom we repaired their machines for free,

we now have set up an actual shop

here on Main Street in Webster,

and charge a reasonable fee.

So please feel free to stop on in and chat.

In the event there is no one in the shop,

give me a quick call. 508-461-9353”

Here at the Computer Repair Guy,

you can expect reliable,

friendly and courteous service,

at a low and affordable rate.

We also offer various support services

such as internet provider assistance,

back up resources and anti virus,

to assist you, and enhance

your computing experience.

Our Goal is NOT to sell you a new computer,

but to get your current system up and running.

Yet in the event that you would like to purchase

a new or used machine, we can assist you

in selecting the proper equipment for your needs.





Come and stop in the shop !

We are available

9am to 9pm

If you happen to stop by

and we are not in,

just give us a call


Thanks for your visit.